Friday, October 21, 2011

I Finally Have It!

I got it!

Thanks to my book-loving mother, I FINALLY have a copy of the book I required all of you to start reading!  Yay!!

I have started it, and so far I am enjoying it, but I have not read enough to pass any particular judgement yet.  I have been getting some interesting reviews from some of you, so we shall see how the discussion goes. 

I am a speed reader, so I should get it read this week...even though I have to finish Glory Road first for my 8th hour character ed class.  (Showed them the movie.  Such a fantastic flick.  Great discussions, great participation.  And I got to watch Josh Lucas' blue eyes for five days.  Win-win!)

So check in next week for the discussion of The Weird Sisters!

In the meantime, I leave you with this collection of scenes from Gilmore Girls.  If Rory was, you know, a real person, we would totally get along.  I particularly identify with her habit of hauling around five different books just in case she is in the mood to read a certain one. 

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  1. When you can't decide which book you'll be in the mood for while traveling or in a waiting room, this is where a kindle comes in handy! As I reported earlier, I did finish the book, but will reserve comments for next week. I'm glad you'll finally get the chance to read our assignment.