Friday, October 14, 2011

Checking In

Hey book club!

Umm...I don't have the book yet.

But I am hearing from some of you.  One reader did NOT like the book until the end.  Another one says it is not something she would normally read, but she is enjoying it thus far. 

Due to the generosity of my rockin' awesome mother, I will have my very own copy by Monday, so I should have something to share next Friday!

In the meantime, SKP is keeping me company via Lionheart.

See you next Friday!


  1. I was all hung up on the Shakespeare references that I'd read about in the preview, but for those of us who are not fans of the play-write, the references are irrelevant. I've made it to chapter 13 and the book has kept my interest so far. That says a lot. I'm not a fan of the mild language, but it fits in with the story line and is not over-done. I have family coming to visit, so I might not finish this weekend. We'll see.

  2. Done! The last 50ish pages are by far the best! Not a book I would read usually but it was kind of fun to read something out of my comfort zone. I'll be interested to hear everyones thoughts once we all finish! GET YOUR BOOK SK ;)

  3. Just finished the book. It will be at the Pittsburg Public Library this afternoon. I will wait to post more comments.