Friday, September 23, 2011

A Challenge Has Been Made!

Hello there, fellow bookworms!  You know...all three of you who read this blog.  My good friend Kelley over at Daily Sips has laid before me a challenge - start an online book club through the blogging world. 

Whoa, what? 

Because I have SO much time on my hands? 

Because I need ONE MORE THING on my plate? 

Because I need MORE commitment in my life?

Ummm, well...mostly, because it will be fun!

Here's how it will work.  We will pick a book per month.  Every Friday come to this blog and check in - I will write an entry Friday mornings for your comments.  You can either comment on how you are doing and what you are thinking, or you can keep it up on your own blog and just link it in my comment section.  The last Friday of the month, I will do a full review of the book, and everyone else is encouraged to do so as well...if not on your own blog, then come review it in the comments. 

Sound like fun?  Kelley and I think so! 

Tune in next Friday - the last Friday in September - for your first book assignment.  Kelley has nominated me to choose the first book, so next Friday I will reveal October's book.  Ohhhh, the suspense...I can't bear it...(especially since I don't know what book is first...)

If this sounds good, leave a comment!  If you are one of my FB readers, feel free to do your commenting there.  We'll bring it all together!!

Thanks all! 

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  1. Since I've been reading this, I might as well follow you. I like the idea of the book club. You're a great host as well. Bring it!